I've been signed via non-exclusive contracts to lifestyle modeling and talent agencies in San Francisco since 2014, and shoot both photo and video for commercial advertising campaigns and product promos (print, television, web multimedia).

Most of the clients I've represented are multinational companies, but I also shoot for smaller start-ups and non-profit organizations on a sliding scale. I work primarily out of the Bay Area in Northern CA and travel for offsite or overseas shoots when schedule permits.

5'2" (157.5 cm) / East Asian (Han Chinese)
Fluent in North American English, Standard Mandarin

To request representation, please send a project proposal.

For  Facebook  // USA

For Facebook // USA

For   LEMON Leadership   // RSA

For LEMON Leadership // RSA

Blessed are they who see beautiful things
in humble places where other people see nothing.
— J.A. Camille Pissarro (1830 - 1903), Danish West Indies -> France
Just for kicks.  白色階梯  // ROC

Just for kicks. 白色階梯 // ROC